Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Lisa and I wanted to give everyone an update on the progress of this project. First, we have had a fabulous amount of interest in all areas from photo printing credits (almost 2000 so far!), to supply donations to a large, and thankfully growing by the day, list of volunteers for making layouts. We are seeing people from, literally all over the world, asking what they can do to help with this great project, whether they knew Christine or not. We have been so grateful to everyone for their interest. We knew many good hearts would come forward and we were right!

Lisa is conquering the overwhelming task of photo organization and editing. If you noticed on the side bar we put up an initial photo count of over 11,000 photos. Lisa has edited so far about 3,000. We ran into a little glitch over the weekend when we went to Christine's house to start sorting her supply to find that some of these pictures had already been printed and put into sleeve albums, patiently awaiting the day of their layout. Lisa had to backtrack before we started printing doubles, but we are back on track and starting to utilize the donated photo credits. BUT because we found this stash of prints we have more than enough, and then some, to start making layouts during the crop on Saturday. So great!! I haven't talked to Lisa about this yet, but I think as we continue to sort pictures and add update posts, we should just combine the two! Hence the opening photo, we'll add a favorite here and there to show you just what Christine was all about. I'm also hoping to showcase her photography, she was so talented.

I am, as I am typing this, staring at Christine's scrapbooking stash that has now found a home in my office. This week I will be going through it and organizing it to the point where we know exactly what we have and don't have. Great news this week, s.e.i, heard about our project and has generously donated over $200 worth of product, some of which was a handful of 12x12 albums which we desperately needed. You should hop to their website and see the new product line, it is fabulous! Before I even jump into the stash, I can tell we will need neutral cardstock, adhesive and page protectors. You can contact me, Leslie, if you would like to donate any of these supplies, but later in the week I'll add another post on specific supply needs.

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  1. Stephanie (mrsveen@yahoo.com)January 14, 2009 at 2:12 PM

    Thanks for the update. I live stateside and I'm one of the people who volunteered to make some layouts for this project. That is so great about SEI, they have great products! I will continue to check the blog!