Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lisa wants to thank all of you lovely people that have offered to create layouts for our project. Since she is getting down to sorting the last of the photos, and the kick-off crop is this weekend, we wanted to set out some guidelines of how we'd like to see these layouts completed.

First, we decided to finish her albums in 12x12 format for simplicity and the ability to get more photos scrapbooked. Also, we will be organizing the photos into annual albums, one for each year, a special Christmas album and a Travel album to preserve all of the great opportunities they've had while living in Europe.

Second, so many have offered supply, and if you wish to use your own supply, that is fine, but we also do have a large amount of items of Christine's that we would like to put towards the project. If you are local, we can get you items to use for the layouts. We will have these items at the crop on Saturday, so even if you can't stay and crop, we'd be happy to hand over some photos and supplies to anyone willing to stop by.

Next, we are looking at 1-2 page layouts for smaller events, and 3-4 page layouts for larger ones. We would like you to choose the photos you'd like to use, and we will place the remaining photos in pocket pages with the layouts in the album.

Finally, we have a small request, leave your footprint on your layout. We thought it would be nice if you added something personal to your layout to acknowledge your participation. It does not need to be grand, it could be as little as signing your name to the back with where you live, to adding a memory of Christine if you knew her, or adding a poem or quote that expresses your thoughts. It can be directly on the back of the layout or your can put it on a separate sheet of paper that we can slip between pages.

As Christine and Andy's kids grow and reflect back on these books, it will be a nice touch to these layouts. They will know how many people with good hearts took time to do something nice for them. So leave your important footprint on this important project!

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