Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crop, Feb 21st!

Hi, ladies...I wanted to let you know about the upcoming crop, next Saturday, February 21st, 9am-midnight. It will again be at the Ramstein Elementary School...and it is also, as usual, FREE!

We have had so much help and support for the project (THANK YOU!) that we hope to be able to wrap it up that day. If you have layouts you are working on at home, we'd like to set a goal to either get them to us at that crop, or if you are stateside, put them in the mail that next week, if possible. I have an update that Andy Post will be sending their household goods the beginning of April, so we'd like to get him the finished albums mid-March at the latest.

I have about 300 printed pictures to get done that day, no more left to email out, or do digitally (thanks to all of you!). That's about what I handed out by afternoon, last time. So, hopefully earlier in the day, the better. Leslie and/or I will be there to check your finished layouts back in, and finish handing these last photos out. We still have lots of Christine's supply to use up, and some pictures to organize, so come help if you can.

We will also have a special thank you for all that helped with the project...and as I said, there is still plenty of supply, so, late afternoon--maybe 4pm, as soon as the last of the pictures are scrapbooked, we will have a "Come and Get it!" This will be a good opportunity to supplement your own supply, scrapbookers helping scrapbookers, which is what this project has been all about. Come share the wealth and share the love...or just stop by to see some of the finished layouts. They are amazing!

You can RSVP for the crop to Jan Vowell, . She just needs a head count for setup. Any questions about the pages or layouts, you can email me at . See you there!

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